As a freelancer, I've been working in the field of web development for more than three years, both in frontend and backend. In the second year of high school, I've already been one of the youngest among the top 20 high-school web developers in the whole Czech Republic. That same year I got approached by, one of the leading companies in the web hosting services in the country, to hold the position of a developer in their newly emerging project focused on affiliate tracking. I have brought some new technologies (such as Angular 2) into the company, to make the app even better and I've also led the whole project development since the beginning of 2017 when I was 17.

On the backend side, I was mostly developing by using PHP (Nette framework, Doctrine). However, after years, I've left PHP and would like to take a full advantage of Ruby (RoR framework) primarily which is so human friendly. Awesome!

Of course I know how to use git (this website is also on my gitHub!), use ticketing systems (such as Redmine), package managers (Composer, RubyGems, Bower, etc.), also how to use Gulp or Grunt for building etc. I've been also working with relational databases (MariaDB and learning how to use PostgreSQL).

I will send you my full CV on demand. Just let me know!



Together with web development, I've devoted myself to graphic design, especially vector graphics. I really like flat design, graphic geometry, and also a bit of brand development. Among my most known and long-term clients is one of the leading Czech bloggers - Monika Brýdová. We were building her brand, blog and so much of other graphic design. It was an impressive teamwork. However, graphic design is not my primary interest anymore at the expense of web development, but often get in touch with graphic design when I handle some UI.

Anyway I've moved from graphic design to the frontend application development using Angular 2. I have advanced knowledge of - HTML5, using benefits of CSS3 (SCSS) and of course JavaScript (TypeScript).

Together with Ruby, Typescript (or ES2015) are my favorite languages thanks to its friendly syntax and variability.


I was accepted at prestigious High School of Applied Arts & Glass Making in Kamenický Šenov, CZE (the oldest glass making high school in the world) in 2015 but I decided to study Information Technology at Industrial High School, Česká Lípa, CZE, which I regulary represent at state level competitions. My 4 years of high-school studies have been focused in general on basics of Electrical engineering (Power, Control, PLCs, Microeletronics, Automation), Mechanical engineering (Technical drawing, CAD software), Programming (Assembler, Pascal, C#, .NET, PHP, JavaScript), Operating systems and their maintain (Windows, Linux, Windows Server, Virtualisation software), Databases (SQL, MariaDB), Computer Network engineering (Mikrotik, Cisco), a bit of Web design (XML, XHTML, HTML, CSS).

In my second grade I have published my first and extensive seminar work under guidance of Mgr. Jan Fojtík, which should tend like a teaching aid to help students understanding the modern technologies and principes used in web development. Describing stuff from the basic ideas of HTML, how to use it well, XML or JSON serialization, even to the answer why Angular 2 is so popular and teaching further frontend application framework principes.

My next goal is to improve my English so I would achieve B2/C1 english certificate and despite my primary focus on backend development I would really like to fit into the top 10 high school web developers in the Czech republic.


One of the youngest competitors ranked by the Ministry of Education to be in the top 20 high school web designers in the Czech Republic


The Czech republic top 15 in maths competition from 305 finalists in the last round


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